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Bercede Bay Resort - Santorini-inspired Resort in Cebu

The Bercede Bay Resort is an exclusive Santorini inspired resort located in Catmon. The resort is know for its white and blue architectural design, however, they have made some renovation. To date, it is still under construction but they are already accepting visitors. Unlike before, they have built a small hut-like near the pool area. This is a good spot to chill waiting for the sunrise. Aside from the place, I like how the caretakers being so accommodating. They always make sure that our needs are well attended.  RATES Overnight Rate: – ₱16,000 per night – Good for 15pax in excess of ₱250 per person – Inclusive of 5 rooms Other information: As of this writing, Bercede Bay Resort does not allow walk-ins. You have to secure your reservation ahead of time. Check in time for weekdays is 2PM and 6PM during weekend. Contact number: 09327331345.  How to get there? Bercede Bay Resort is just approximately 1.5-2 hours away from Cebu City. They are located just before the Municipal Hall of Cat

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