Year-End Post

I could not really think of any topic for my year-end post for 2009. Maybe I will just make a list of events which occurred during the year 2009.

  1. I worked as a nurse trainee which really honed my nursing skills. I felt more confident and ready to practice my profession. To the staff nurses I've worked with, THANKS A LOT.
  2. My health blog prosper and gained more traffic and it even rank 6th under the health category in "topblogs." I was also able to profit my blog. Hopefully more traffic for the coming year.
  3. My Joy has found me... NO need to elaborate.
  4. I was employed as a Medical Reviewer. I commenced my job on July 06, 2009. Currently I am still employed with the same company. Additional set of friends in the list.
  5. I had experienced my first Christmas Party as an employee with my colleagues and office-mates.
  6. Birthday celebration with my colleagues at Chika-an. There were six of us and we billed 1,110 pesos for a dinner, but it was a blast. Nice small talk and the company was irreplaceable.
  7. I think that was the not so major events happened to me for the year 2009. Not so much but all were treasured and would be remembered. Im so happy that every year I am expanding my peers and became more open and experienced as year passes by. Hope that for the 2010 I could make more list for my year-end post. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone.


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