How to Check Perfume Authenticity

Perfume authenticity is the first thing that you need to consider before deciding purchasing the perfume. You don't want to buy fake perfume, especially if the price is slightly the same with the original one. It's difficult to differentiate the authenticity of the perfume especially if you are not expert in perfume. I saw many items in the market selling perfumes and labeling it as authentic and in fairness the scent was really copied however the scent is not lasting. This is one of the characteristic of a fake perfume. Usually they add some alcohol and only little percent of the volume is authentic.

Here are some points you need to take note in buying perfume:
1. Make sure you know who you are buying. Do a research about the stores reputation. If you are not familiar with the seller, it would be better if you will buy in a reputable store. For sure you would get the authentic one.

2. Check for the packaging. This is one of the most overt clue to know if it is authentic or fake.

3. Check for correct information printed on box. Size, Country of Origin, misspellings, logo, and trademarks. Check the style of printing – embossing if applicable. Usually imitations had a lot of misspelled words. Be a keen observant. Check the quality of the material use.

4. Bar Code. Check number, size and scanability

5. Fragrance Colour. Check for murkiness, floaties and consistency of colour.

6. Fragrance Smell. Check for pungent or unusual fragrance notes.

7. Fragrance Lasting time. Test number of hours. Should last at least 2 to 3 hours+. And usually when you spray the perfume in your wrist, it would evaporate fast compared to the authentic. Authentic perfumes were sticky.

8. Skin Reactions. Watch for itchiness, blemishes and rashes. Because they incorporate some chemicals which were irritant to the skin.

P.S. Huwag maging mangmang. Laging tandaan walang manloloko kung walang nag-papaloko. Maging mapanuring mamimili para sa bandang huli ay walang pagsisisi.


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  2. Thank you for sharing the wonderful tips. I have read most of them, and learned a lot from them. You are doing some great work.


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