Cebu Road Revolution: Freedom from Pollution

Road Revolution is a national campaign that calls the government to pass an ordinance to convert all existing roads within our City to favor people instead of favoring motor vehicles. In the said petition, it was requested that the existing roads be divided longitudinally into four parts: All-weather side-walks and pathways — 30%; Bicycle lanes — 30%; Filipino-made collective and non-pollutive transportation systems — 30%; and Greenbelts for edible gardens — 10%.

On June 12, 2011, the whole street of OsmeƱa Boulevard will be closed, allowing pedestrian, bikers, runners to enjoy the street and pollution-free. Let us all join this momentous day to preserved our city and the future of the little ones.

• Running
• Ultra Marathon
• Aerobics/Belly Dancing/Ballroom Dancing
• Biking
• Public Awareness Seminar
• Street Vendors (butong, puto sikwati, etc.)
• Showcase of Barangay Livelihood Program/Sustainable _______ (per brgy.)
• Anti–smoking Advocates
• Rent–a–Bike
• Skaters
• Total Suspended Particulates Reduced
• How many calories burned – DOH
• Philippine Heart Association

In addition, the first solar, wind- and pedal-generated vehicle in the country gave free rides to the pedestrians along Osmena Blvd. The vehicle has a length of 18 feet and created by a Cebuano engineer Bryan Yuson of the St James Academy which could load up to ten passengers and has a capacity of one horsepower. The vehicle can run up to 20 kilometers per hour.

Agus Hotel

Make your stand and be a part of The Road Revolution. Let us join hands in promoting a pollution-free and safer roads in order to make Cebu a safer and greener place to live for everyone.


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