Guide in Climbing Osmena Peak

I had climb mountains from Luzon and Mindanao but not in my region Visayas. Osmena Peak being the highest peak in Cebu has been a dream climb for me until yesterday where i get the chance to realized that dream.

It all started in - a popular online forum in Cebu. I posted about my desire of climbing Osmena peak hoping that someone would also be interested of doing it. Turtle7 (istoryan) replied my post and then we exchanged numbers for easier communication. After exchanging some texts and messages in Facebook, we decided to climb Cebu's highest peak on the 20th of November. We set everything in just less than a week. He recruited some of his friends join the climb and I only recruited my running buddy.

The night prior to the climb i had already committed to my former office-mates to hang out with them. Hang-out means group dinner followed by drinking sessions until the wee hours. I left the group at past 12 in the midnight. When i got home, i immediately opened my computer and searched every single detail about Osmena Peak. However, my brain was already low bat so i try to lo okfor my friends in FB that could help me and the only name i had in my mind that could help me is Jona Bering of Backpacking with a Book and luckily she was online. She answered all of my questions and then i went to bed. At 2 in the morning i woke up and still i can feel the blue margarita in my system. Slightly groggy while packing everything i will be needing in the climb and hoping that i wont be missing any thing. There is only one thing that i made sure was inside my backpack and that is the camera.

We were the first to arrived in South Bus Terminal at 3:20 in the morning and had a few sips of coffee at Dunkin Donuts. I then received a call from turtle7 that they are already in the terminal. We gathered at Dunkin and it was the first time that we met each other.

Unfortunately we were not able to catch the first trip, so we ride the second trip at 4 am and arrived at Dalaguete junction going to Mantalongon past 6 in the morning. From the Junction we ride a habal-habal and alight at Mantalongon Public Market which is the jump off point. The hike from Mantalongon Public Market to the base of Osmena Peak took almost 2 hours.

At the foot of Osmena Peak, we were greeted by youngsters asking if we needed a guide but we refused because per Jona, the trail was every established and "easy." We reached the peak in less than an hour of trekking from the foot of Osmena Peak. The slippery terrain delays our ascent because it rained the night prior to this climb.

Unfortunately when we arrived at the summit the entire surrounding was covered with thick fogs. Not only that, after a few minutes since we arrived at the peak, it rained again and the temperature was freezingly cold. More that the wind was also blowing so hard. I try to grab my bag rain cover but i can't find it. Immediately, i accepted my faultiness of forgetting the rain cover.

After the climb, we dropped by at Obong Spring which is a few kilometers from Dalaguete proper. Though i was not able to see the unique pointed and rocky neighboring mountain ranges of Osmena Peak, i still enjoy the climb. And the most rewarding is knowing this new bunch of people who also loves the outdoor.

Getting there:
Ride a bus from south bus terminal and alight at the junction going to Mantalongon (fare is 105 pesos). Then ride a habal-habal either going to Manatalongon Public Market (fare is 50) or directly at the foot of Osmena Peak. From Manatalongon Public Market one need to hike for about 1-2 hrs to the base of the peak. The road going to the base of the peak is rocky and some parts are unpaved. The ascent going to the peak would only take less than an hour. The trail was relatively established and easy.

At the summit the neighboring pointed mountain ranges is something to behold if the weather condition is good. Osmena Peak stands1000+ meters above seal level and is the highest peak in Metro Cebu.


  1. I added this to my bucket list. Love the foggy environment :)

  2. Hi, next time you try Osmena Peak (which I bet you would since you missed the clear view), do the traverse to Kawasan Falls via Busay trail. I believe you can contact EWIT MOUNTAINEERS of Cebu for assistance and inquiries. Happy climbing! :)

  3. hello :)

    Do you have any schedules for your outdoor trip? Like around May 1 - May 10 2012... I love to go to Osmena peak with my boyfriend.. or do camping.. i don't know much here in cebu..

    Thanks :) u can email me at


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