Renewing of Vows at Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort - San Fernando

Valentines day is a yearly occasion in which lovers expressed their feelings with each other by giving flowers, chocolates or a fancy candlelit dinner. But for our family, this day is the day when my parents exchanged vows 28 years prior to date. 
Hidden Paradise Cebu
And since Valentines day is just an ordinary day for me, this year, I decided to celebrate it with my family at the same time to celebrate my parents 28th wedding anniversary. Yes! they've been married for 28 years and counting and that is such an achievement for a couple to last that long. They've kept their promises with each other "to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part." 

A week before their wedding anniversary, I keep on searching for a place here in Cebu that is less crowded,  a place that lovers would not think to celebrate their Valentines. Then I came up with Hidden Paradise Mountain Resort in San Fernando, Cebu. The resort is situated atop of the mountain and approximately 6 kilometers of rough road from the National Hi-way.
Hidden Paradise Cebu

Another deciding factor of choosing Hidden Paradise was their adventure rides which my mother had been wanting to try. Aside from the pools, they also constructed adventure activities like zip splash, zorbit, fishing and monkey trail. This is the perfect place!

When we arrived at the resort, I was right, there was no other guest but us. We were exclusively enjoying the resort. The place was really solemn and the entire place were surrounded with verdant vegetation and mountain ranges of Cebu as backdrop.
Hidden Paradise Cebu

Before the day ended, my mom and dad was able to ride zipline for the first time after a couple of attempts. This was an extreme love-filled anniversary for them. Cheers for many more years to you mom and dad.

Another fun memories we could look back years from today!

Here is a detailed price of Hidden Paradise Resort's room:


adult – 100.00
4-8 years old – 50.00
35 pesos per person as corkage fee

native picnit hut (8-10 persons) - 300.00
table/umbrella (2-4 persons) – 150.00

sunflower – (40-50 persons) – 1,500.00 (non-airconditioned)
orchid A – (30-40 persons) – 1,500.00 (non-airconditioned)
orchid B- (30 persons) - 1,500.00 (non-airconditioned)
rooftop – (300 persons) – 6,000.00 (non-airconditioned)

sampaguita (30-40 persons) - 3,500.00 (airconditioned)
sunrise A (100 persons) – 8,000.00 (airconditioned)
sunrise B (50 persons) – 3,000.00 (airconditioned)

shuttle – back and forth – (14 persons) - 3,500.00
charcoal – 25.00/plastic
corkage (overnight) – 35.00/head
cooking charge – (rice, viands) - 75.00
cooking charge – (canned goods, noodles) - 15.00

videoke – 150.00/hour (exclusive)
videoke – 5.00 (hulog-hulog)
billiard – 75.00/hour
trekking – 75.00/person
campfire – 500.00/event


executive family room (4 persons) – 3,500.00
FREE breakfast for two (2), hot and cold shower, aircon, TV, ref
de luxe room (2 persons) – 2,500.00
FREE breakfast for two, hot and cold shower, aircon, TV
standard room (2 persons) – 1,500.00
airconditioned, shower, 2 single beds or matrimonial
dormitory room (10 persons) – 3,500.00
airconditioned, shower, CR, 5 bunk beds)
mini-dormitory room (4 persons) – 1,500.00
airconditioned, shower, CR, 2 bunk beds
family native room (6 persons) – 1,400.00
non-airconditioned, fan, CR
native rowhouse (2 persons) – 600.00
non-airconditioned, fan, CR


  1. My family booked an overnight stay Apr 14-15, 2012. I have positive & negative comments. The view is overwhelming, the family room where we stayed was fine, the lady in the Information desk (Norma?) was friendly, and the billiard games,zip splash & swimming pool delighted us. The Monkey bridge, though, was a flop when my son got entangled with the rope. He had to go back to the other end as no help came. I want to avail of their advertised spa, but they have no such service. My grandchildren asked about horseback riding, but there were no horses. When we turned in our room key at check-out time, the girl in yellow dress in the Information desk was so unsmiling. She let us pay 100 pesos for my 8-year-old grandchild as excess pay for the entrance, not 50 pesos as advertised. She was very rude in sticking to her demand of 100 pesos as excess pay. We left with slighted feelings. Birthday ko pa naman. Our receipt was not even returned. Attention: BIR!


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