A World at Your Feet

Everyone has their own opinion about package holidays. For some, it’s like a moth to a flame - they just can’t get enough. For others, package holidays represent everything that’s wrong with tourism: hoards of pink-skinned Brits filling up the beach, lazing by the pool or watching re-runs of Eastenders in the local pub. Whatever your opinion of package breaks, there’s no denying that it’s certainly one of the easiest and most affordable ways to see the world.
From Egypt holidays and Tunisian getaways to lazy days in the Canary Islands, travelling with a recognised tour operator represents enormous choice and excellent value for money. They certainly make it easy - all the travel essentials are included in the price, including return flights, accommodation and resort transfers - so all you have to do is please yourself and pay for meals. Unless you go all inclusive or full board, in which case the food is covered too.

Egypt Holidays

If you feel like getting away from Europe and if you fancy a holiday with a twist, then vacations in Florida win hands down. Perfect for families and especially for big kids, the Sunshine State is the epitome of family getaways. You’ve got every conceivable type of holiday entertainment here, and then some. First off, theme parks. Florida certainly knows how to do thrills and spills, so brace yourself for some serious adrenalin kicks as you’re spun, twirled and loop-the-looped to within an inch of your life.

Then there’s sightseeing, and wow - has Florida got some sights! The Kennedy Space Centre is an absolute must-see for any age, while nature-lovers will have a whale of a time exploring the vast Everglades. The huge swampy expanse is home to alligators, wading birds, foxes and plenty of snakes - so keep your eyes peeled, bring your camera and join a local tour guide for an adventure you’ll never forget.

However you like your holidays and whatever you think of package breaks, thanks to today’s holiday industry, there’s a wonderful world right at your feet just waiting to be discovered.


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