Tingko Beach of Alcoy, Cebu

Tingko Beach Alcoy
Tingko Beach a popular beach destination of the south!

I really hate being caught in a predicament when a friend of mine (living outside of Cebu) would ask me for some recommendations about spectacular places in my hometown that they should not be missed. That question leaves me clueless probably because there is lot of destinations to choose from or maybe I have nothing to suggest because I have not explored much of my hometown. The latter is true for many because we tend to admire those tourist attractions that can't be found in our place and somewhere we've never been. That made me paralyzed with guilt.

Tingko Beach is located in the municipality of Alcoy in the southern part of the province. It's a public beach with a small stretch of white sand and blue waters as seen in the picture above. Perfect for a weekend getaway!

I am not really fond of beach per se, I even neglected the waters in Phuket and Boracay (during the 1st time visit) but I just love the laid back atmosphere and it made me feel worry-free. But the waters of Tingko Beach are different. Also the main reason we drifted in this place is to celebrate a friend's birthday. We spent the whole night goofing around more when we were all inebriated. Gales of laughter resonates all over the place.

Tingko Beach Alcoy

Since this is a public beach you can't expect to see a fancy room or accommodation here. Those who planned to stay overnight, they have rooms and cottages for 1000 pesos per night. For reservation you may contact Mr. Antig at 09296801129. If you are on a budget, you can set up your tent at a lesser price of 50-100 pesos depending on your haggling skills. For day trippers, tables and chairs can be rented for 200 pesos.

How to go to Tingko Beach:
From Cebu City South Bus Terminal, board a Ceres Bus bound for Bato/Oslob and tell the conductor to drop you off at Tingko Beach in Alcoy. Fare is about 119 pesos for air-conditioned buses and travel time is approximately 2-3 hours. Entrance fee is 10 pesos. They have a decent bathroom/CR and it cost 10 pesos per usage.


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