River Trekking in Budlaan and Kabang Falls

Trekking Budlaan

"VENI VIDI VICI", I came, I saw, I conquered.

One Saturday morning my adventurous spirit led me to the harsh terrain of Budlaan. None of my buddies showed some interest in accompanying me so I end up solo trekking. I have done solo trekking before so I can do this again. And besides Budlaan has now become a playground for Cebu trekkers who wants to be one with nature, so security is not an issue for me. Also, I was expecting that I will be meeting fellow trekkers along the trail, but unfortunately there was none.    

The road entrance that will lead you to Budlaan is very easy to find just inform the driver to drop you off at Sunny Hills Subdivision in Talamban, Cebu. There are motorcycles stationed ready to drive you through the steep concrete road to Sition Baugo, which is the jump off point for this trekking activity. I've never been this part of Cebu so I don't know how the terrain in Budlaan looked like. Worst I don't even know the trail that will lead me to Kabang Falls.

To avoid getting lost, ask every local resident in the area (encountered along the trail) for direction. From Baugo chapel and basketball court you have to turn left off the concrete steep road. A few minutes of walking is just like a walk-in-the-park then the trail becomes arduous and physically suffering. Always secure your footing and make sure not step on those loose rocks to avoid getting injury.

There are several mini waterfalls along the trail if I am not mistaken there were three. To get to the big falls you need to scramble huge boulders and sometimes you just have to grasp whatever object you can to avoid getting off balance.

I aborted my plan of traversing to Sirao Peak since I felt that I will be lacking time. So after a few minutes of dipping into the falls basin I need to climb up the rocks again which lead back to the town. A staircase was already created for the trekkers, but still its steep and slippery.

River trekking Budlaan has been on my bucket list for quite some time and finally I can now strike this out from the list. A travel around the globe to explore and experience different culture will be next on my list, but I think this will remain on my list until the day I will be financially ready to embark this sojourn. I look forward to realize this dream! For the meantime, I will continue exploring my hometown and some parts of the country.

Kabang Falls Budlaan

How to go to Budlaan and Kabang Falls:
Ride a Jeep (PHP8) bound for Talamban and drop off point would be Sunny Hills or Julies Bakeshop. From there you need to ride motorcycle or habal-habal (PHP25) up to Sition Baugo, which is the jump off point for the trekking. Although the trail leading to Kabang Falls is well established, locals are there to guide you. Kabang Falls is just a few kilometers from Sitio Baugo Sentro, but the steep downhill trail makes it more challenging physically. Expect a slippery trail when it rain the night prior or on the day of your trekking. Also there is a tendency if there is a heavy rain that the river will overflow therefore bringing a rope is essential.

Prepare packed lunch especially if you plan of traversing up to Sirao Peak
Bring sufficient amount of water at least 2L and trail food
Bring anything that can protect you from the heat of the sun


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