Mt. Mauyog Traverse to Mt. Manunggal | Itinerary and Budget

Mt. Mauyog

Unlike Osmena peak and Mt. Manunggal, there's not a bunch of photos or itinerary can be found in Google if you try searching for "Mt. Mauyog." Not known to many Mt. Mauyog is just an hour away from the historical Mt. Manunggal, but the trail is way more challenging. 

Since its less trodden, the trail is puzzling and covered with crawling and thorny plants. The soil is also loose and full of giant ants. Then we reached a small flat ground where a lone guava tree grew. I do not think that was the campsite because the area is too small. As we go higher, the trail becomes steeper and narrower where at times we need to take off our backpacks because it could stuck on the thorny shrubs/vines. Apart from that, we need to scramble some slippery rocks (taller than an average man) that is covered with red mosses. To avoid falling off the rock, we removed our sandals and grip any crevice to sustain our balance.

We summited at four-thirty and all of us shared in a state of euphoria viewing the lower valleys from the peak of Mt. Mauyog. A unique characteristic of this mountain is its brain-like pattern. At five-thirty, we started going down. We were treaded the delicate trail of Mt. Mauyog at night - ill tell you its really dangerous, you just grip whatever whatever you can hold unto. I proposed to the group to have an e-camp since its getting darker and dangerous to continue trekking. There is only one site which provides a good view of the neighboring islands, however, the ground is not flat and muddy. So we continue trekking down and arrived at the foot of Mt. Mauyog at exactly 7:00PM.

There are stores near the foot of Mt. Mauyog where we take short rest and refill out waters. Then commenced trekking to Mt. Manunggal. At 8:00PM, we arrived at Mt. Manunggal monument. Immediately, we set up our camp, cook dinner, socials and lights off at 10:00PM.

Since it was already dark when we arrived at the monument, the first thing we did in the morning is to explore the area and taking of pictures. Then we cook for our breakfast and refilled our water bottles for the descent back to Tabunan proper with a sidetrip at Guining mini falls.

The trail going back to Tabunan proper is a steep downhill slope with a very slippery terrain since it has been raining in Balamban. Note: make sure you have gloves with you to avoid getting some scratches from thorny plants and cogon grasses. We passed by a bridge made of bamboo before reaching Guining mini falls. At 12:00NN we had our lunched by the falls and take a short dip to cleanse our body from the mud. At 2:00PM, we started trekking back to Tabunan proper, passed 2 bridges made of bamboo and trekked a dry river. At 3:30PM, we finally arrived at Tabunan and recharged our dead tired body and ride a habal-habal back to JY Square Lahug. 

Guining Falls

Two-day trek itinerary: Mt. Mauyog traversed to Mt. Manunggal via Sunog trail

Day 01: Saturday
08:00AM - Assembly at CITILINK.
09:00AM - ETD. Get vhire bound for balamban and drop off at Cantipla junction.
10:00AM - ETA barangay Cantipla and commenced trekking (descent).
12:00NN - ETA barangay Tabunan. Have lunch and buy supplies.
01:00PM - Start ascent via Sunog trail
03:00PM - Arrived at the foot of Mt. Mauyog and start ascent to summit
04:30PM - Summited Mt. Mauyog, picture taking
05:30PM - Start descent and traversed to Mt. Manunggal
07:00PM - ETA foot of Mt. Mauyog
08:00PM - Arrived at Mt. Manunggal Monument, set camp, cook dinner, socials
10:00PM - Lights off

Day 02: Sunday
06:00AM - Wake up call
07:00AM - Cook breakfast, eat breakfast, get water, sightseeing, and picture taking
09:30AM - Start descend for Tabunan proper.
12:00NN - Arrived at Guining mini falls, cook and eat lunch, picture taking and take short dip at the falls.
02:00PM - Start trekking for Tabunan proper.
03:30PM - Arrived at Tabunan proper and get ride
05:00PM - ETA JY Square Lahug

Budget and Expenses:
*Vhire Citilink to Cantipla junction (PHP100)
*Lunch (PHP55)
*Food supplies (PHP200) per pax including water both community and personal/trail)
*Habal-Habal from Tabunan to JY Square Lahug (PHP100)


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