Top Free Sights and Attractions in Baguio City

Mines View Park Baguio
I have been to Baguio a couple of times, but never did I get a chance to explore the city. I just felt that there is not much to see in the city. Last September 03, my restless feet brought me back here and this time I will be exploring and see for myself what Baguio really has to offer. Honestly, I would not sign up for this city tour if only I have the luxury of time...I just only have more or less half-day to kill before our flight back to Cebu.

How did we get to visit Baguio City's tourist spots in just less than a day? Instead of hopping from one jeepney to another which is really time-consuming, we negotiate taxi drivers to bring us to our chosen destinations, anyways there will be four of us dividing for the total taxi bill.

Mines View Park Baguio
Here are the top free sights and attractions one should not miss while in Baguio:

1. Mines View Park
There are lots of parks in Baguio City, but here in Mines View offers the most scenic view because there is an observation deck where you can see the gold and copper mines below, as well as the mountain ranges surrounding the area. Apart from that, the park is filled with souvenir shops where you can buy almost all items you would want to buy. Also do not miss taking a picture with "Doglas."

2. The Mansion
This is the most visited and photographed landmark in Baguio City. I do not know if tourists are allowed to get inside the mansion, but based on readings, I've learned that inside the Mansion is a mini museum showcasing memorabilia of the former presidents of the Philippines.

3. Strawberry Farm
Nowadays, strawberry picking in La Trinidad has become a popular tourist activity in Baguio. Almost all tourists in Baguio will be flocking to La Trinidad to have a first hand experience in picking strawberries fresh from the farm. You will be given a box where you will place all the strawberries you've picked. A box full of strawberries cost PHP350 - much more expensive than buying a box of strawberries from the market.

4. Wright Park
What I personally like about here in Wright Park are the picturesque view of a long reflecting pool lined with pine trees. Unfortunately, I was not able to see more of Wright Park since it started to rain and we need to catch our trip back to Manila and for our flight to Cebu.

5. Tam-awan Village
If you want to experience cultural travel and have a short glimpse of traditional lives of the people in Cordillera, then this is the place you should not miss. Basically, Tam-awan village showcase the craftsmanship of the Kalingas and Ifugaos. There are also art exhibits, the actual native houses of the Kalingas. Prepare to shell out 50 pesos as entrance fee.

This trip to Baguio proved me wrong, and now I know why heavy crowd flocks to Baguio not only because of the cold weather, but as well as the tourist spots that it offers to tourists.


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