Top 5 Cebu Mountains to Climb for Big Adventure

While some of the countries highest, scenic and most challenging/dangerous mountain to climb lie in Mindanao and some parts in Luzon, adrenaline junkies based in Cebu or in Visayas region hoping for some adrenaline pumping adventure need look no further than Cebu because the province also has mountains which provide both views that could take your breath away and enough challenge that would definitely push you to your limit. So without further ado here are my personal choice for the top 5 mountains in Cebu every adrenaline or adventure junkies must climb:

Climbing Osmena Peak, Opeak, Mantalongon Cebu
1. OsmeƱa Peak
Cebu's highest peak may only 1,013 meters above sea level (masl), but its rugged rock formation resembling the famous Chocolate Hills of Bohol make this mountain a must climb mountain in Cebu. Apart from the interesting formation, one can see the Badian Island, Pescador Island of Moalboal and the province of Negros on clear weather condition, because most often especially during early morning and late afternoon, thick fogs enveloped the whole area.

Osmena Peak is situated in the municipality of Mantalongon, Cebu which is known as the "Vegetable Basket." Its cold temperature makes the municipality a favorable place for planting vegetables and if I am not mistaken vegetable farming is their main source of living.

For a complete Osmena Peak experience, try traversing from the peak to Kawasan Falls. Do not forget to wear sunblocks or any protection from direction exposure from the sun and sufficient amount of water since the trail is open. The complete traverse could take from 4-5 hours depending on your pacing. Read my previous post about Osmena Peak guide and itinerary.

Mt. Lanaya Guide, Itinerary, Kalo Kalo Peak
2. Mt. Lanaya
At 720+ masl, you will get to experience a non-stop 50-60 degrees ascent all throughout the summit. It is advisable to set up ropes that could assist in climbing because the loose soil and rocks of its terrain could potentially cripple your dear life. Apart from the steep trail, ants and some other faunas houses the infamous Legaspi trail. Arguably, the toughest mountain to climb in Cebu.

Most mountaineers would spend the night at the Windows XP campsite which is just an hour or less from the national high-way and start their ascent early in the morning and exit at barangay Lumpan. The peak of Mt. Lanaya resembles like a hat which is why the summit is called as "Kalo-Kalo Peak." From the peak you can see the entire coastal town of Alegria, Tanon Straight, and the province of Negros.

Climbing Sirao Peak, Mt. Kan-irag
3. Sirao Peak
This is one of my favorite mountain to climb in Cebu because it provides all the elements a nature worshipper is looking for when trekking. In less than an hour of trekking from the jump off point which is in sitio Baudo, Budlaan, Cebu, you will get to see the Kabang waterfalls and some mini falls as your trekking advances. Usually, trekkers take their lunch by the falls. An hour after the falls, you will passed by a flower plantation and a lagoon - best spot for photo ops. I strongly suggest to spend the night at Sirao Peak to get to see the  kaleidoscopic city of Cebu. However, the camping ground pose a great challenge to campers in pitching the tents. To secure your tent from getting blown by strong winds, tie a rope "tent-to-rock" to large rocks to hold the tent in place.

Mt. Mauyog Climb, Itinerary, Balamban
4. Mt. Mauyog
If the peak of Mt. Lanaya resembles likes a hat, in Mt. Mauyog it resembles like a brain. The peak is made of limestone and the groove makes it appear like a human brain. Out of curiosity, I climbed this mountain despite the unfamiliarity of the trail. Since this mountain is less trodden by Cebuano outdoor enthusiasts, the trail is not established and the vegetation becomes thicker making the trail difficult to follow. There is a part of the trail where crawling is mandatory because of the vines blocking the trail. There are also times where you have to pull yourself up. Unlike other mountain in Cebu where it provides a good view to the neighboring provinces or islands, at Mt. Mauyog all you can see is the town of Balamban. Here is my journal about my exploratory climb in Mt. Mauyog traverse to Mt. Manunggal.

Mt. Manunggal Climb, Guide
5. Mt. Manunggal
The event of March 17, 1957 made this mountain a historic. FYI: this is where the the presidential plane "Pinatubo" crashed leaving only 1 survivor. Every year, climbers around the province or even outside Cebu converge to commemorate the tragic death of the great President Ramon Magsaysay. This annual climb is initiated by Cebu Mountaineering Society and in coordination with the Local Government Unit of Balamban. Kudos to you guys!

Mt. Manunggal is accessible through many trails but the trail from Cantipla in barangay Tabunan, Cebu City is the main route from which the yearly Pres. Ramon Magsaysay Death Anniversary Climb is held. From the jump off point the trail is quite steep and achievable in about 4-5 hours, but it really depends on physical and mental preparedness. A monument of President Ramon Magsaysay is erected at Mt. Manunggal campsite to remind every visitors about the historical value of Mt. Manunggal in Philippine history.


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