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Subic beach in Sorsogon has all the ingredients for a perfect summer getaway: turquoise and crystal clear water, less crowd, untouched, fine white sand, and hospitable locals. There is no wonder why Subic beach is always included on the list of the best or top beaches in the country according to travel bloggers.

Subic Beach Sorsogon
Subic Beach in Sorsogon
The weather was very favorable for a beach getaway when we leave Cebu. However, as we enter the island of Samar, the weather suddenly became gloomy which made me think of cancelling or changing the plan of going to Biri and Subic Beach.  

There was still no improvement of the weather the following day, yet we still pursue our plan of reaching the southernmost tip of Luzon enroute to Subic Beach in Matnog, Sorsogon. From Allen, we took Montenegro Shipping Lines. The water was really rowdy and unfriendly that despite the size of the vessel, you can feel the waves slamming and  the cracking sound of the wheeled cargo made me feel more nervous. After two hours of combating those gigantic waves, we reached Matnog, Sorsogon. Another thrill awaited us, as we need to get an outrigger boat that can take us to Subic Beach.

Subic Beach Sorsogon

After what happened, I did not expect that the boat ride going to Subic beach would be a smooth one. As they say, most of the beautiful places are the hardest to get to. As the boat drew nearer the island, I can no longer contain my excitement of what I saw, a white sand beach with a blue-green waters. Perfect beach getaway!

I suggest to buy your food supplies in Matnog public market as there is no available store in the island, there is one sari-sari store with limited supplies. Those who wants to go overnight, there are huts in the island for P500 per night. Since we bring a tent, we only rent the open cottage for 300 pesos. There is an electricity in the island so no worries about charging your batteries and most importantly there is also mobile signal. You may be asked to give a donation for use of the toilet.

How to get to Subic Beach

By Land - There are plenty of bus companies to choose from that plies directly to Matnog, I suggest if you take this route to get a night trip to save your time as travel time from Cubao to  takes roughly 12-13 hours.

By Air - If you are coming from Manila, you can take either Legazpi or Catarman depending on the availability of the flight schedule. If you take the Legazpi route, get a trike from the airport to the terminal and ride a bus or van bound to Matnog. Travel time takes approximately two hours. From Catarman, you need to ride a jeep bound for Allen port (45 minutes) then RoRo ride to Matnog Port (2 hours).

By Boat - From Cebu, there is only one shipping company that can take you directly to Calbayog and that is Cokaliong Shippine Lines. Then, from Calbayog, take a van Allen bound vans and travel time takes about 2 hours. Then to get to Matnog Sorsogon, you need to take a Roro.

Once you reach Matnog Port, you have to hire a boat going to Subic Beach. Boat rental is from 1500 to 2000 depending on your haggling skill.


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