Niludhan Falls of Bayawan City

Niludhan Falls Bayawan
What is it about the waterfalls that attracts people? Have you ever thought about it? I myself always got hypnotized every time I stand in front of a waterfall. I really do not know the exact reason, I am just naturally attracted to this natural wonder.

There is no plenty of information you can find when you try to search for Niludhan Falls. This majestic water fall is not so popular to many, that only those who braved to go off the beaten will get to experience and witness the hypnotic beauty of Niludhan Falls. As they say, "difficult roads lead to a beautiful destination." This quote is so true! We traveled more than two hours of bumpy and rough road from Bayawan City to barangay Dawis via habal-habal to get to this site.

Tuesday morning, we traveled from Sipalay to Bayawan, that is approximately two hours trip. We do not have any idea about the bus schedule from Bayawan to Mabinay, we just purely rely on our luck.  The bus just left the terminal a few minutes before we arrived. That means we have to wait the 3pm trip if we would really want to pursue our itinerary. We tried to ask locals for some possible options and we ended hiring a special trip through a habal-habal which cost us 500 pesos. Initially, I thought that the rate was too steep then I realized that it was a good deal considering the distance and road condition from Bayawan to Dawis. Our driver also brought us to barangay Paniabonan where buses plying the Bacolod-Mabinay-Dumaguete route will pass by.

There was no other people on the site when we arrived at Niludhan falls. There was even no caretakers assigned to collect for entrance fee and rental for huts. Its totally undevelop compare to other waterfalls in the country. We just spent few minutes enjoying the view and take snapshots then left the area. If only we have enough time, I will not hesitate to take a dip into its water. Also another factor that made us decide not to spend much time on the falls is the bad weather and it seemed that a heavy downpour is coming anytime and we still have to travel to the next barangay.

How to Get to Niludhan Falls of Bayawan City

Via Mabinay: There are buses stationed at Dumaguete Ceres Bus Terminal plying the Mabinay route. Your drop off point would be at barangay Paniabonan. From the junction, you need to commute to barangay Dawis which is the exact site of Niludhan Falls.

Alternative route via Bayawan: From Dumaguete City, ride a bus bound for Bayawan City. Drop off point would be at Ceres Bus Terminal in Bayawan. Then there are jeepneys plying the Bayawan-Dawis route or you can also hire habal-habal that can take you right exactly at Niludhan Falls. 


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