DIY Guide Trekking Alicia Panoramic Hills in Bohol

Alicia Bohol, Binabaje Hills, Alicia Hills

Bohol is known for it's Chocolate Hills and the smallest primate Tarsier which is endemic to the area. But Bohol is more than that! Bohol is now gaining attention to adventure seekers and the like. Danao, Bohol became popular because of the adventure sport activities they offered as well as the famous sea of clouds. Now, another municipality in Bohol starts to draw interest among outdoor enthusiast because of its panoramic hills and jaw-dropping landscapes. I am talking to Alicia Panoramic Hills. They have hold three successful Alicia trail running and mountain bike events in the past. Bohol indeed has lots of potential in terms tourism. 

I was lucky to visit Alicia Panoramic Hills in January 2018 before it went viral in social media. Last weekend I got another chance to visit it again and I noticed few changes. There are now lots of resting station built along the trail unlike before when the trail is purely cogon grass and some tress. Also at the campsite, there is a long table built which I personally think should not be there. It only obstructs the view.

I have to admit that I underestimated this hill when I first climbed it in January 2018, probably because of its height. I had major climbs in the past but Alicia or Binabaje Hills made me use my four limbs to reach its summit. We climbed after a heavy downpour which is a bad idea. The trail was super slippery that I have to grab even the smallest weed on the ground to help pull myself up. The weight on my backpack makes it even more difficult. I was the last one to reach the peak because I have to secure my footing not to get slid. Better be safe than sorry. To date, they are now offering different routes or trail (A, B, C). Trail A being the longest and most difficul, Trail B is quite shorter, and Trail C is more like of an executive trail. At the top, you will have a 360 degree view of Alicia's neighboring town, you could also see the beautiful Mother Dam. 

Bohol, Alicia Hills, Binabaje Hills

How to ge to Alicia Panoramic Hills?

There are daily trips bound for Tubigon, Bohol from Cebu Pier 3. From Tubigon Terminal, you have the option to either get a van or public bus bound for Carmen, Bohol. Please note that the van or the bus wont leave until it is filled with passengers. Your drop off point will be the Carmen public terminal where you can get a trike directly to Alicia, Bohol or wait for a public bus bound for Alicia. Tell the bus conductor that you will alight at Alicia Municipal Hall. Then get a habal-habal that can take you to the jump off point of your Alicia Panoramic Hills or Binabaje Hills climb.

How much would it cost?

MV Starcraft Cebu to Tubigon P325*2
Tubigon to Carmen (van)         P100
Carmen to Alicia (trike)            P150
Alicia to Jump off                        P100*2
*bus Alicia to Carmen is P40. Carmen to Tubigon is P50
Guide Fee                                       P500/3=P166
Registration Fee                            P30
Total                                        P1,190+P166+30=P1,386

Additional Information and tip. 

1. Start your trek early in the morning if possible or late in the afternoon. Trail is more of continuous assault and trail is open so you can expect exposure to sun. Make sure you are well hydrated, wear your sunblocks and other protective gears. Exposure to direct sunlight can easily exhaust your energy.
2. There are now three trails that you can choose. Talk to your guide which one you like.
3. There is no water source so make sure you have enough water supply for personal consumption and for your group.
4. The trail gling down will be lots of cogon grass so wear gloves, sleeves, and leggings or pants to prevent any cut.
5. There is a toilet at or near the campsite.
6. Due to its steep uphill slope, the trail can be very dangerous especially during rainy season.
7. MV Starcraft and Fast Cat has daily trips to Tubigon, Bohol. For rate and schedule, check it here.
8. Suggested sidetrip after your climb: Can-Umantad Falls and thr breathtaking Candijay Rice Terraces.
9. And as always, please practice LNT principle.