Cebu's Best Waterfalls: 5 Hidden Treasures for Your Cebu Bucketlist Adventure

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away. This quote from Hillary Cooper explains my natural attraction for waterfalls. Part of my love for waterfalls stems from my passion for photography. I know it's not only me but everybody loves them. For some, it's the sound of the rushing water over the rocks. For others it's the sheer beauty or tranquility of the waterfalls as it sprinkles drops of water into our face.

Whatever power of attraction waterfalls may posses, we all know that waterfalls has the ability to draw tourist in the area. Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu is known not only to locals but as well as to foreign tourist. Here are my top 5 waterfalls in Cebu for your bucketlist adventure:

1. Tinubdan Falls in Catmon, Cebu. This is my new favorite waterfalls in Cebu because in spite of it's raw beauty and charm that can easily draw attractions, the locals maintained its rawness. There is also less crowd compare to other popular waterfalls in Cebu. When I get there, there was almost no visitor in the place. So you will get to enjoy Tinubdan Falls all for yourself. 

How to get to Tinubdan Falls
Go to North Bus Terminal and ride any bus going to Northern part of Cebu. Drop off point would be Sitio Katambisan, Catmon. From there, you can ride a motorcycle going to the drop off area. Guide is not required, but if you want to go river trekking please get a guide for safety purposes. You will need to trek maybe for 30 minutes to get to the waterfalls. 

📍North Bus – Catmon (Fare) – Php 78.00
📍Catmon – North Bus(Fare) – Php 78.00
📍Habal-Habal (Back&Forth) – Php 100

2. Mangitngit Falls in Carmen, Cebu. This waterfalls comes second on my list not only because Metro Cebu Water District (MCWD) which supplies water in Cebu gets its water from here, but also because I like how this waterfalls is being surrounded by different kind of trees. To date, it's possible that tourist are no longer allowed to go near the waterfalls due to dangers of landslides. When I get there I noticed some small landslide in the area. The waterfalls still looks beautiful from Middle Earth Mountain Resort. 

How to get to Mangitngit Falls. 
From North Bus Terminal: Ride a bus bound for Northern Cebu and alight at Carmen Public Market. Fare is around P55. From there, you can ride a habal-habal foe P40 per head. There is an entrance fee of P50. 

3. Pityak Falls in Dumanjug, Cebu. Third on my list is literally unexplored and unexploited. That being said, expect that there is no available store in the area that you can buy food or supplies. At the entrance you can easily see Pityak Falls but you have to go up further and you will see amazing rock formations and some cave like pool that will blow your mind away. 

How to get to Pityak Falls. 
From South Bus Terminal: Ride a bus bound for Barili. Drop off at Gaisano Dumanjug. Fare should be P105. Then from there, you can get a habal-habal for P60 that can take you directly at the foot of Pityak Falls. 

4. Lusno Falls in Ronda, Cebu. This waterfalls is also located on the Southern part of Cebu. If you plan of visiting Pityak Falls might as well include Lusno falls in your itinerary because of its proximity. Before you will see its beauty, it requires to trek for about 30 minutes to 1 hour. Another reason to include this on your list is because there is no entrance fee to this hidden paradise. It is totally for free.

How to get to Lusno Falls. 
Ride a Barili bound buses from North Bus Terminal and drop off at Centro proper. Once you get to the town of Ronda, you can hire a motorcycle or habal-habal to take you to the basketball court in Barangay Langin. Then this is where your trekking begin.

5. Cambais Falls in Alegria, Cebu. Last but definitely not the least is Cambais Falls. This waterfalls is popular among mountain climbers because usually they make this as their side trip after an arduous climb at Mt. Lanaya. It has two distinct levels but I prefer at the first level. Here you will be amaze of its turquoise blue water surrounded by trees, vines, and ferns. There is a huge limestone where the waters are dripping and on this limestone, I saw some kids doing some cliff jump. Not sure if it's safe for adults because the basin does not look like that deep.

How to get to Cambais Falls. 
Ride a bus from South Bus Terminal that is bound for Alegria Cebu. From the town proper, you can hire a habal-habal that can take you to the jump off point which looks like a parking lot. The hike can take roughly 30 minutes. Once you arrive at Cambais Falls, the entrance fee is 50.

So that wraps up my top 5 not-so-touristy waterfalls in Cebu. This province has a lot to offer, you just have to explore it!


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