DIY Guide in Climbing Mt. Igcoron of Antique

Mt Igcoron, Antique, Valderrama, Panay Island

I have been to Panay Island for couple of times and I can say that in this island lies some of the greatest mountains in the country. There's Mt. Madjaas which is the highest mountain in Antique along with Mt. Nangtud and Mt. Baloy which completes the Panay Trilogy. Many experienced mountaineers considered this three peaks as one of the toughest mountain to climb not only in Panay island but in the country. 

The beauty of the mountain is not only measured by its height. There is this one mountain in the small town of Valderrama, Antique which draw my attention. It only stands 700 meters above sea level compare to Mt. Madjaas which is 2113 masl. What makes Mt. Igcoron stands out from its neighboring mountains is its saw-toothed peaks and 90 degrees cliffs. 

From the jump off point you will pass by some rice puddies as shown in the picture below with Mt. Igcoron in the background. From there you will see how intimidating its jagged peaks are. Climbing its peak is not just a walk in the park with a near vertical ascend. For acrophobic, better think it twice. Going up to its summit is amost like wall climbing and one has to grab cogon grasses like ropes. Make sure you have gloves and sleeves with you, otherwise you'll taste the cut from a cogon grass. The knife-edge shoulder is also not for the faint-hearted as you will see 90 degrees cliffs on both sides. From its peak, you will be rewarded with a 360 degree-view of green ridges and higher mountains of nearby peaks. 

Mt Igcoron, Valderrama, Antique

How to get to Mt. Igcoron. 

1. From Iloilo City take a bus bound for Antique and ask the bus conductor to drop you off at Ilaures crossing. Travel time is about 3 hours.

2. From Crossing Ilaures, there are habal-habal that can take you to Valderrama proper or if you are traveling in a group you can get a trike instead. Once in Valderrama head to its municipal hall or police station to register and for safety purposes. Contact Mr. Tim Ledesma (Valderrama Tourism Officer) – 0917-507-5409 prior to your arrival. He might be able to provide you with a guide.

3. From the municipal hall, get another habal-habal that can bring you to barangay Binanogan

4. At Barangay Binanogan there is an available tour guide there if you have not gotten any guide yet.

1. Iloilo-Crossing Ilaures (Van) PHP 150
2. Crossing Ilaures – Brgy Binanogan
➡If Motorcycle PHP 150 (One Way Rental)
➡If tricycle
    a. Ilaures- Valderrama  PHP 25
    b. Valderrama Proper – Binanogan (Motorcycle) PHP 15
3. Tour Guiding Fee – PHP 500/Tour Guide