DIY Guide Mt Kalatungan Traverse Mt Wiji (Lumpanag)| Expenses, Budget Itinerary

Every mountaineer has its own bucket-list of mountains to climb. I'm pretty sure Mt. Kalatungan is on your list because of it's reputation of being the 5th highest peak in the country. Also, a lot of mountaineers who scaled this mountain shared stories about Mt. Kalatungan's unending assaults. And we all love pushing ourselves to our limit. Mt. Kalatungan stands 2,880 meters above sea level. The mountain range stretches along the areas of Valencia, Maramag, Talakag and Pangantucan.

Most mountain ranges in Mindanao requires a multi-day hike. Physical preparation is much needed in every climb all the more if it's a major climb like a hike in Mt. Kalatungan. You can expect a grueling and never ending assaults even during the first segment on the climb. It would make you think why signed up for this adventure when you can just spend your weekend at home streaming your favorite Netflix series at the comfort of your home.

With no enough sleep and fresh from a 5 hour trip from CDO, we immediately commenced our trek hoping to reach the View Deck before night fall. Along the trails, we crossed a bamboo bridge which is the highlight of our day 1. The trail is a bit covered with tress otherwise trekking during the peak of the mighty sun would really make things difficult. After 2-3 hours of trekking, we arrived at the View Deck perfect to witness the glorious sun set. For day 2, our plan is to hike all the way up to the summit of Mt. Wiji. Our guide showed us how long and steep the trail is not to discourage us but to set our expectations. I rather find trekking towards the summit of Kalatungan enjoyable than physically draining. Probably due to I was able to get a good rest last night. However, my right knee started to complaint after the descent from the summit of Mt. Kalatungan. It was a steep descent. I was slowing my pace and supporting my right knee to prevent further injury. The weather also did not cooperate, we experienced a typhoon like weather while we are on our final ascent to Wiji's peak. I almost need to stop every few steps because of my injured knee and the cold weather and the rain. It was already past 5:00PM when I reached the summit of Mt. Wiji. We have to find a spot covered from the strong wind to prevent our ten from being blown away. On the next day, we were greeted with a beautiful sunrise plus the sea of clouds. Perfect reward after the climb. At 8:00AM we started our descent, it was a long walk with lots of photo perfect mossy forest's along the trail. The next thing we knew, we were already drinking every mountaineer's favorite drink "Sparkle" at Mendes.


1. From Davao 
You'll find CDO bound buses (Rural Tours) at the Ecoland Bus Terminal then drop at Maramag Terminal. The trip is around 3-4 hours. Then take a bus or van bound for Wao and drop at Pantangtucan. This trip could take another 45 minutes of your time. Habal-habal going to Mendes will save you time.

2. From CDO 
You have to go to Agora Bus Terminal, take a bus ride bound for Wao and drop off at at Barangay Pangantucan. The trip is around  5 hours. From there, take a habal-habal going to Barangay Mendes which is the jump off point. 


1. Mountain permit = P300/head 
2. Guide = P350/day 
3. Porter = P400/day 
4. NO RITUAL FEE REQUIRED: Mountaineers are required to bring offering such as chicken, wine, coin and fabrics for tribal sacrifices. 

***the rates above is subject to change without prior notice. Please reach out to Pangantucan Tourism Office so that you will be guided with the proper rate. If not mistaken, rate has gone up to 800 per day for porter or guide fee and 1200 for the mountain permit.

Here’s our 3D/2N itinerary (Kalatungan-Wiji traverse): 

DAY 1:
7:00PM: Left Cebu City. Took Trans Asia Shipping bound for CDO
6:00AM: ETA CDO Port
7:00AM: Agora Terminal looking for buses bound for Wao
8:00AM: ETD going to Pangantucan 
1:00PM: ETA barangay Mendes 
2:00PM: Start Trek
5:00PM: ETA Viewdeck, prepare for dinner and socials
7:00PM: Dinner 
10:00PM: Lights off

DAY 2:
4:30AM: Prepare for breakfast
5:30AM: Breakfast and pack for lunch
7:00AM: Start trek
9:00AM: ETA Buko-Buko sa Anay
10:00AM: Waited for clearing to see Muleta Falls
12:00PM: Picture taking at summit
1:00PM: Start traverse to Mt. Wiji
5:00PM: ETA Mt. Wiji Summit, set camp, prepare dinner
7:00PM: Lights off

DAY 3:
4:30AM: Wake up call; prepare for breakfast
5:30AM: Waiting for sunrise; picture taking
6:00AM: Breakfast
8:00AM: Pack things; clear camp; start descent
12:30PM: ETA Jump-off
2:00PM: ETD bound for CDO
7:00PM: 2GO Shipping bound for Cebu


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